Customized solutions because…”there are all kinds of reasons for a sale.”


Question: How do I know if an estate sale is the right solution?

Answer: There are many reasons for a sale and the best way to find out the right way to Liquidate your estate items is to have a free initial consultation so we can help You make an informed decision.

Question: Why hire a professional estate sale company?

Answer: We are able to provide knowledge of product and research specific to all sellable items. Handle a professional sale with a staff trained to assist customers and control a safe environment for a shopping experience. Provide all forms of payment options including credit card purchases. Market merchandise in all of the multi-media venues we have available.

Question: What should a client do to prepare for the sale?

Answer: Just remove the items they plan on keeping and remove any personal papers or photo’s. We will do the rest.

Question: Should anything be donated or thrown away before the sale?

Answer: No, there is plenty of time for that post sale. Besides you never know what will sell and there will always be something left to donate.

Question: How is it environmentally responsible?

Answer: Estate sales are the ultimate recycler, preventing many items from ending up in a landfill. People will show up and buy a used or partially used item that would otherwise by thrown away.

Question: Who shops at estate sales?

Answer: Everyone, starting with neighbors, collectors, bargain hunters, and even pros looking for a deal on an item to resale.

Question: What happens at the end of the sale to completely empty the home?

Answer: The family is asked to come back through to see if there is any item they choose to keep. Otherwise we can assist by overseeing donation pick up.

Question: Are there other ways to sell off items that don’t sell at the estate sale?

Answer: Vintage Merchant offer the auction or consignment for any item of value.